The Hartlocker



Hi! I’m Evan Lockhart…

I’m a multidisciplinary designer based out of Brooklyn, NY. I have years of experience in editorial, media, and advertising. My past employers and clients range in industries and content. I have designed branding elements, icons, editorial mains and insets, animated GIFs and title intros, and illustrated assets far in between.

I was born and raised in farm-town Ohio, where I actively explored nature and art. I grew up writing stories and making short films with my parents' VHS camera. In college I studied video production and journalism, and studied abroad in Japan and Germany. After I graduated I moved to Osaka, Japan and taught English and later worked as a video producer. I eventually made my way to NYC to pursue a career in design and animation.


National Geographic Channel | HuffPost | Spotify | Thrillist | VICE | Nickelodeon | Annex88 | Adidas | HP | R/GA | Instagram